Mom charged in home invasion hoax

12/13/2013, 6 a.m.

An Ellenwood woman who told an elaborate tale of her home being invaded by five gun-toting and knife-wielding men has been charged with making a false police report.

Jordan Davis told police and WSB-TV News that her husband had just left for the store on the evening of Dec. 11 when intruders threw a cinder block through her dining room window and attacked her 6-year-old autistic daughter, Jade.

She said one of the intruders kicked her daughter in the side, then “picked her up by her hair and held a gun to her right temple and told me to give them everything I have or he would kill her,” Davis said. “It was real scary for everybody.”

She said the men left with her valuables, her daughter’s medicine and the family’s Christmas presents.

Police investigators say the story did not add up to the evidence at the scene and was all a tall tale designed to prey on the kindness of strangers during the holiday season.

Jade, who suffered bruised ribs, was checked out at a local hospital and returned home early Thursday.

Davis and her husband were detained Thursday, but Davis was released to make arrangements for her daughter with family members. She was expected to return