Teen indicted in attack on elderly woman

12/13/2013, 6 a.m.

Quiante Destin Collins, accused of brutally attacking and robbing a 78-year-old Lithonia woman on Sept. 17, has been indicted by a DeKalb County grand jury.

In the indictment released on Dec. 11, Collins faces five criminal counts, including robbery, aggravated assault, theft by taking, criminal attempt to commit a felony, and abuse of an elderly person.

Police say Collins, 18, demanded that the woman perform sexual acts on him, choked her, hit her repeatedly in the face, and pressed a cloth over her face to stop her from breathing. After abusing her, he took her check and fled the scene in her Chevy Lumina, police said.

He was arrested on Sept. 22 when police found the stolen car abandoned on the road.

District Attorney Robert James said the case underscores the need for continued outreach to seniors.

“I often remind seniors and their loved ones to be mindful at all times that people target them for various violent crimes and financial scams,” he said.