We all should really examine the cause of homelessness

8/15/2014, 6 a.m.

I am responding to your front-page story, “Homeless campsites point to growing problem,” in your Aug. 9 issue.

I believe that this government system has a lot to do with families and individuals becoming homeless. We live in a state of Georgia that has some of the worst laws, fines, regulations in the nation.

I myself have lived throughout the United States and can compare the way this government hurts its own citizens.

I have been a victim twice of police abuse and false arrest and imprisonment.

These incidents could have caused me to lose my home and be added to the group of homeless people here in DeKalb County.

When someone is arrested in DeKalb, bail money, fines, loss of employment, emotional and mental distress are some of the culprits which lead to homelessness.

How might you ask? The wasted time spent in jail can lead to unemployment, which can cause a person to lose his or her home or apartment.

I was wrongfully accused and thrown in jail. I was consumed with suicidal thoughts, but because of my strong faith, I sought help and I am still dealing with the emotional stress caused by this horrible ordeal.

After the judge heard my case, all the bogus charges were dismissed, but I never got back the money that I paid to bond out of the DeKalb County horrible jail.

I am praying that one day soon I will be able to exit this horrible place. This kind of injustice should not happen in this great country of ours.

We all should really examine the cause of homelessness, not just in DeKalb County but throughout the United States.

To those in power who are responsible for approving the horrible laws, I hope that you all search deep down in your soul and stop the abuse.

Toni Lopez lives in Lithonia.