Metro Atlanta jobless rate rises to 8% in July

8/22/2014, 2:37 p.m.

Metro Atlanta’s jobless rate rose to 8 percent in July, and seasonal factors such as temporary layoffs in educational services and manufacturing were cited again as the cause for the increase.

Most of the laid-off workers have returned to their jobs, the state Department of Labor reported Aug. 21.

DeKalb’s unemployment rate was 8.3 percent in July, and it was among 27 counties with a jobless rate ranging from 8 to 8.9 percent.

Metro Atlanta’s July rate was up five-tenths of a percentage point from 7.5 percent in June. The July 2013 rate was 8.3 percent. There were 2,461,200 jobs in Atlanta in July, down by 2,700, or 0.1 percent, from June. Most of the loss came in local government.

Despite the jobless rate increase, metro Atlanta’s private-sector employers created 8,900 jobs in July. The growth came mostly in professional and business services, trade, transportation and warehousing, and financial activities and information services.

In DeKalb, the preliminary July 2014 labor force estimate of people 16 years or older was 370,375 with 339,783 employed. The number of unemployed was 30,592 with a rate of 8.3 percent. The revised June data included a labor force of 369,033 with 340,306 employed. The number of unemployed was 28,727 with a rate of 7.8 percent. DeKalb’s revised July 2013 data included a labor force of 368,317 with 336,769 employed. The number of unemployed was 31,548 with a rate of 8.6 percent.