Towing fees waived for stranded drivers

2/3/2014, 11:07 a.m.
Commuters forced to abandon their cars on Salem Road and other ice-slick corridors Jan. 28. may be eligible for a towing reimbursement.

The DeKalb County Government has reached out to tow companies operating in DeKalb County to ensure towing fees are waived for stranded drivers who had to abandon their cars during last week's snow and ice storm. Owners had until midnight Friday Jan. 31st to reclaim their impounded vehicles from towing lots.

The five (5) companies the County has established partnerships with include Cymil, Brown and Brown, South DeKalb, Statewide and S&W.

Drivers that incurred storm related towing fees after police ordered their cars removed during this period can contact the DeKalb County Police Department’s Permit office at (404) 297-3934 to file for a reimbursement.