Potential phone scam probed

2/28/2014, 6 a.m.

State health officials are warning residents about a potential scam involving health-related telephone surveys.

The Georgia Department of Public Health says several residents have complained about out-of-state telephone callers claiming to be from the “department of health” who are asking questions about medical and surgical procedures.

One resident said the caller asked to speak to her teenage daughter. In other instances, the caller asks questions about ethnicity and religion, among others, and may be trying to sell goods or services.

Rick Keheley, director of DPH’s Office of the Inspector General, is investigating the phone calls and exploring whether they are connected to fraud.

“Right now, we do not know the real reason for the calls or what the caller is truly looking for,” Keheley said in a Feb. 25 statement. “We do know the calls are not coming from the Georgia Department of Public Health.”

DPH occasionally uses phone surveys to gain information on health trends. It will never ask for religious information or credit card information and will never try to sell goods or services. It will always provide call-back or contact information for verification.

For more information or to report a suspicious call, email reportdphfraud@dhr.state.ga.us or call 404-656-4409.