DeKalb police snag $128M in drugs in 2013

Ken Watts | 1/14/2014, 2:15 p.m.
The DeKalb Police narcotics unit with some of the haul from 2013 drug busts. courtesy DeKalb police

Masked undercover narcotics officers, drug sniffing dogs and detectives stood in front of hundreds of pounds of confiscated marijuana and other drugs and millions of dollars in cash Jan. 10 at DeKalb Police Headquarters hoping that the image sends a message.

Public Safety Chief Operating Officer Cedric Alexander announced that agents snagged more than $128 million in drugs in 2013 and arrested nearly 1,000 people in connection with drug activity.

“We in no way are concluding that we have won this war, but we are in this fight, we’re going to stay in this fight and do everything we can to keep this county safe,” Alexander said.

Included in the Narcotics Unit’s 2013 drug haul were:

  • 302 kilograms of meth
  • 565 kilograms of powder cocaine
  • 6-thousand pounds of Marijuana
  • 1 kilogram crack cocaine
  • $3.4 million in cash

Alexander said curtailing the drug traffic could help reduce other types of crime.

“We know drugs contribute to burglary and violent crimes,” Alexander said. “A few days ago you may recall we reported some reduction in crime – both in violent and property crime.”

Detectives said smugglers will go to extraordinary lengths to conceal their illicit cargo.

Some carry drugs in hollowed out dashboards or floor boards in their vehicles where they can hide up to 100 kilograms of drugs, cash or guns without being spotted immediately.

“Any place you can think of in a car they can build something to conceal something in. They’re pretty sophisticated,” said detective R.E. Viar.

Alexander said DeKalb police are working with state and federal investigators to put pressure on cartels that are targeting Atlanta as a hub to move narcotics to other parts of the country.