Story on graduation numbers strikes chord with readers

6/27/2014, 6 a.m.

Editor’s note: Twenty-four percent or 1,456 of DeKalb’s 2014 senior class of 5,954 left the School District without high school diplomas in May. Our June 21 front-page story that showed the number of graduates by school elicited a number of comments on our Web site and Facebook page. Here are some of them. Join the conversation at http://crossroadsnews.com/news/2014 /jun/20/1456-dekalbs-2014-class-failed-graduate and https://www.face book.com/crossroadsnews.

This is a great read for the DeKalb residents. Unfortunately, many of them will not recognize the real issue at hand. Even if the Board of Education is restructured, administrators are shuffled around, teachers changed, etc., the numbers will continue to increase. Why?

Shina Gwenice

Shina Gwenice

There’s a disconnect between home and school.

If our students are to be successful, then work is required outside of school hours. Many students come to school and do absolutely nothing. But parents expect the kids to come home with passing grades.

Parents are going to have to be more present. They’re going to have to take on a more active approach. Pay attention!!

If your child is bringing home A’s and B’s throughout the school year but does not meet standards or barely meets standards on the CRCT or simply fails the EOCTs and SLOs, then something is not right. They are not learning.

True, standardized testing isn’t a true measurement of one’s knowledge, but it does provide us with some proof of what our children are learning. Don’t just look to see if they met standards. See what areas they fell short in so you can assist them at home or find tutorial services. Students in grades 1-8 move along with no problem because there really isn’t a true retention policy in the DeKalb County School District.

They get caught up in high school because if they don’t earn the credits, they don’t move along.

Repairing DCSD is a group effort. Everyone needs to do their part.

Stop pointing fingers and let’s just get the job done.

Our children are our future and we need to make sure they are prepared to do the job.

– Shina Gwenice

A compilation of factors

I’m so tired of people saying that the “system” is making it hard for black children to graduate … I went to this high school and I graduated in the top 10 percent and I’m black. The fact that these young adults are not graduating is a compilation of factors.

Dominique Roar

Dominique Roar

Such as, is education and positive curiosity reinforced in their home, is it reinforced amongst their friends and associates. Has the social pressure of being up-to-date on what’s on the television, social media and the lives of celebrities pushed aside their desire to fill their boredom with something more interesting and productive?

It is not solely the “system” making it hard for blacks to graduate, it’s the priorities of the community and the lack of care amongst the adults in their lives.

We no longer live in an age where our knowledge is limited to the confines of the nearest library up the street from our house or the s----- libraries in our schools.