Check smoke alarms when setting clocks to daylight saving time

Rosie Manins | 2/17/2017, 6 a.m.

It's almost time to set clocks forward an hour for the beginning of daylight saving time on March 12, and DeKalb residents are being urged to check that their smoke alarms are in working order.


Clinton Raines

Clinton Raines of Georgia Arson Control and State Farm Insurance is asking homeowners and occupants to ensure their smoke alarms have working batteries for the coming season.

“The change from standard time to daylight saving time is a good opportunity to make sure your smoke detector has fresh batteries and is functioning properly,” Raines said in a Feb. 17 statement.

He also recommends that DeKalb citizens replace batteries in flashlights, weather radios, and other safety devices used for household emergencies.

Daylight saving time starts at 2 a.m. on Sunday, March 12, when clocks spring forward one hour.

Raines said clocks should be set before bedtime on March 11.

Some South DeKalb residents are eligible to have free smoke alarms installed in their homes by DeKalb Fire Rescue, which has identified several high-risk suburbs in regard to house fires.

High-risk areas are census tracts with three or more house fires in a single year during the past three years.

On Feb. 3, Fire Rescue staff undertook a smoke alarm blitz in the Candler/McAfee area of Decatur, installing 39 detectors in over a dozen high-risk homes and leaving information packs at more than 140 nearby properties.

People wanting free smoke alarm installation, fire safety property checks, or more information about avoiding house fires can email dcfrpublicaffairs@dekalbcountyga.gov or call 678-406-7731.

The Georgia Arson Control Program was formed in January 1979 and helped establish an arson hotline, 1-800-282-5804, in conjunction with law enforcement agencies and the Office of Insurance and Safety Fire Commissioner.

A reward fund of up to $10,000 was initiated from which monetary awards are given to individuals who provide information that results in the arrest and conviction of arsonists.