Negative campaign mailer targets Stonecrest candidate Charles Hill

Jennifer Ffrench-Parker | 3/18/2017, 6:47 p.m.
Stonecrest mayoral candidate Charles Hill II is the subject of a negative campaign mailer that started arriving in the mailboxes ...
A negative campaign mailer falsely claims that Stonecrest mayoral candidate Charles Hill II is mentally ill and should not be elected to lead the new city. Photo by Curtis Parker

— Hill is in a tight race with Jason Lary, who led the effort to create the city.


Jason Lary

Jason Lary finally denounces mailer

Lary did not return telephone calls or text messages over the weekend, but on March 20, he released a statement denouncing the mailer.

"To personally attack someone in the malicious manner displayed with this recent mailer has gone too far, has sunk way too low," Lary said. "Even in our disagreements, we do agree that this is reprehensible and shameful. This type of behavior, this type of tactic has no place in Stonecrest."

In the wake of community outrage about the mailer, Lary took to the Nextdoor.com that links dozens of homeowners associations in the city on March 19 to cry "shame on the folks that created this mess."

"This terrible piece of campaign propaganda did not come from me," he said. "I have run a campaign of strong integrity and transparency... this was terrible thing to send out."

Hill said that he is being targeted because of momentum that he has gained in the last couple of weeks from several forums that he has participated in.

“A robo call went out asking people how they were going to vote,” Hill said. “Maybe they didn’t like the answer. They are definitely trying to torpedo my campaign.”

Amos King heads Justice for Veterans, a group of veterans seeking justice for Anthony Hill, who was naked and unarmed when was killed by former DeKalb Police Officer Robert Olsen. King said he is disgusted by the use of Anthony Hill’s image on the negative mailer.

“This is low-down dirty politics,” King said. “That’s as low as you can get right there.”

King said that Anthony Hill’s mother, Carolyn Giummo, is “tore up” about her son’s photo being placed on the mailer.

“She is grieving her son and still seeking justice for him,” King said. “She wants to know who could stoop so low and do that.”

King said that only one candidate stands to gain from the negative mailer.

“Why would somebody in another race do something like this?” King ask.

Smith, whose association represents three Hunters subdivisions along Salem Road in Stonecrest District 4, said she hates to see the elections deteriorate this way.

“There must be things in the wings that make them think if 'the right people' are not in place, it won’t happen,” she said. “Follow the money and it will all come together.”