No evidence charter district will improve achievement

A charter school district for the DeKalb School System is not a good prescription for improving student achievement.

Using county cards for personal expenses violates basic rule

I taught a graduate-level class called Public Service and Democracy as an adjunct professor for the Andrew Young School of Policy Studies at Georgia State University.

Accountability, reform needed in county government

Interim CEO Lee May’s Sept. 13 Forum column needs a counterpoint to provide a wider perspective.

We must work to restore trust in DeKalb government

The past few years have been tough ones for DeKalb County.

We all should really examine the cause of homelessness

I am responding to your front-page story, “Homeless campsites point to growing problem,” in your Aug. 9 issue.

Schools need healthy restroom environment

Three years ago, a national trade magazine featured an article in its August edition titled “Back to School Starts With Bathrooms.”

South DeKalb YMCA green space proposal makes sense

On Aug. 3, I attended the walking tour of the South DeKalb YMCA proposed green space project.

The Y brings no new money to the table

We appreciate all of the work across metropolitan Atlanta that YMCAs do every day.

Operating expenses to be borne by Y

The DeKalb County Development Authority and county legal representatives drafted this master agreement, similar to the one for Wade Walker Park Y

Gateway landscaping lacks quality in design, installation

I am so glad you published the article “Unkempt Stonecrest landscaping a ‘thorn’” in your July 12, 2014, issue.

Readers praise publisher’s editorial on Jones

This note is to let you know how impressive your recent editorial was in regards to the DeKalb election runoff for sheriff.

Cityhood would not benefit residents of South DeKalb

I have noticed that CrossRoadsNews has run at least two, if not more articles on the topic of cityhood for South DeKalb in the last couple of months.

Congress awards Gold Medal to Martin Luther King Jr., Coretta King

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and wife Coretta Scott King were honored posthumously in Washington recently with a Congressional Gold Medal.

DeKalb voters did good rejecting Jones’ bid

In Tuesday’s runoff elections, DeKalb voters showed in no uncertain terms that Vernon Jones is not “OUR Man!” as his campaign fliers would have had us believe.

We must restore our sense of self-determination

Now is our time to stand up for ourselves, our communities, and for what is right. By not participating, we have allowed the political process to shape and even control our fate.