Why I oppose the city of Stonecrest

I respectfully ask that you vote “no” on the City of Stonecrest. A new city is unnecessary and will not, in and of itself, achieve greater commercial growth. Citizens living in the proposed city would not only incur county taxes ...

Who do you want teaching and looking out for our children?

Been there, fought that … and won: Why the attempted state takeover of public schools is personal for me I have said it before, and I’ll say it again now: I am opposed to any state takeover of local schools ...

Donald Trump appeal for black votes falls on deaf ears

Donald Trump made a pitch for black votes, in his own inimitable fashion. Speaking in a virtually all-white suburb of Detroit, he suggested that African-American communities are “suffering from Democratic control.”

Why are Kaepernick, others frustrated about civil and human rights issues of today?

Our country is more than 200 years old, and we have gone through many trials and tribulations. I ain’t no way tired. I still breathe hope in the American dream.

It is time for reckoning if we are to save black men

I don’t believe young African American men who are caught up in crime and violence necessarily know how they got there. I also do not believe black people are inherently violent.

George Curry, pioneering black journalist leaves a bold legacy

Civil rights and pioneering black political journalist George E. Curry, who died suddenly on Aug. 20 of heart failure, is being remembered this week as the dean of Black press columnists because of his riveting weekly commentary in Black newspapers ...

Our building is a ‘blighting influence’? For real?

I am happy that DeKalb County Beautification Department is finally trying to clean up Candler Road. After decades of letting this corridor, where my office has been located since 2002, and every other business corridor and residential district in South ...

Ditto for an anti-litter campaign

I read your July 2 article about litter on Rainbow Drive and all over. You hit the nail on the head when you said we need another campaign on preventing litter by educating young people and others.

Our 'Bus Stop Trash' can genie is 75-year-old Faith Reed

I found the Rainbow Drive “Bus Stop Trash" can genie. She is no other than Faith Reed, a 75-year-old resident of the Church Hill Downs subdivision, which is across the street from the MARTA bus stop. When I returned her ...

Will the 'Bus Stop Trash' can genie please stand up?

Will the “Bus Stop Trash Can” knight, genie, or benefactor, please stand up. I am talking about the person who has chained a black trash can with “Bus Stop Trash Can” scrawled across it in big gold letters on Rainbow ...

Workshop for home buyers, homeowners

Homeowners and prospective buyers can attend a workshop at 6 p.m. on April 27 at the Wesley Chapel-William C. Brown Library in Decatur.

Zeroing in on the classroom to avert state takeover

State politicians have drawn their bows and taken aim at our schools. If passed, a state constitutional amendment on the November ballot would create a statewide Opportunity School District that would allow state authorities to take control of schools they ...

Sen. Fran Millar put in SB 378 without seeking input

Sen. Gloria Butler, chair, has passed Senate Bill 421, which would create a study committee on the form of DeKalb government.

I am willing to work with the House on the lines

State Rep. Scott Holcomb finally dropped his “eliminate the CEO and redraw commission district lines” bill several weeks into the session.

Our core business is teaching, not financing development

Is the Georgia General Assembly putting politics ahead of pupils? Last year, when I became superintendent of the DeKalb County School District, I assumed the responsibility – and privilege – of continuing to improve classroom instruction and learning.