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From time to time, we ask our readers to share their thoughts about CrossRoadsNews. Here are some of their responses:
You all have done a great job over the years. I receive my most important local news from your paper.
- Richard Younge, Lithonia
When you look at the world today and you see all the corporate news papers, it is so very refreshing to see our own community caring enough to share the news with us. Even though all of our lives are busy and new things seem to pop up daily to our to-do-list one thing remains the same...CrossRoadNews. I am tired of seeing local news stations talk about all the negative that goes on and not highlight the positive. Thank you for being a joy to read and for keeping us all informed of our community and the world. Kudos to you all for spotlighting our youth and the wonderful things that they are doing and/or trying to do.
- Tamara Parker, Decatur
Very Informative. I love it....
- Dana Abernathy, Decatur
Very informative for community news and events. Love the Breaking News e-mail to keep informed.
- Frieda Minga, Stone Mountain
The Parkers are the Greatest in Journalism, Community, Integrity, Commitment and being good people.
- Joe Arrington
Thanks for keeping me informed about DeKalb County news and I appreciate the relationship to market Decatur events and historical news. Ken Watts is awesome and you all are awesome.
- Gregory White, Decatur
Sinfo-Nia Orchestra appreciates the continued support from Crossroads News. From your highlighting of our upcoming concerts to your many performance requests for the past 19 years, we are truly thankful!
~Alycia Robinson, Operations & Dance Director
Sinfo-Nia Orchestra
- Alycia Robinson, Decatur
My roots are in Atlanta and i plan on returning. I am fortunate and sincerely enjoy keeping abreast with all of the new developments, the entertainment and so on that the CrossRoads. keep me up-to-date with in Atlanta. Please keep me on the list. I met the owner of CrossRoads News 3 years ago and she was going to print my poem for a fraction of the price. just so I would be able to share with the community. From then on I was a CrossRoad patron!
- Beverly Bell, Jeanette, PA
Love your stories and community news, religious events and special events.
i also enjoy attending your quarterly events at Stonecrest mall.
- Maureen Hill, Atlanta
Love it.....best read in our community!!! Keep it going.
- Rochelle Callender, Decatur
Love it!
- Voncile Hodges, Atlanta
I think CrossRoads provides an anchor to our community. They are a primary source for community information. They stand ready to cover information on relevant topics that matter most and impact our community. I am honored to have worked with Jennifer and the Crossroads family since 1998 and look forward to many years ahead.
Thanks for all you do.
- Kim Schofield, Decatur
I love your eNews! Keep it coming, please. Truly, the most important news is that which is closest to home. Having reliable, professional journalists dedicated to reporting local news is more essential than most people recognize. I could go off here on the essential nature of a free press for a democracy to exist ... instead, I'll just say thanks for being a part of all of that!
- Mary Zimnik, Decatur
I love your coverage about events and people and issues that affect the African American people, and especially your coverage of events at First Afrikan Church where we are First Afrikan!!!
Thanks for all you do!!!
- LaRita Cormier, Atlanta
I love reading the Crossroads, It is very informative, and I love all the advertisers. The Crossroads helped me find my Mom a place to live when she moved to Atlanta. I make it a point to grab one every Monday Morning when I walk in the office on my way to my desk. Thank you for keeping me up to date.
- Tanyece Stephens, Decatur
I have been reading (and using for personal and commercial ads) Crossroads for a long time now. Therefore, I am very proud of the great strides the paper has made in becoming a financially stable newspaper and a dependable news source through its journalistic integrity and sense of community responsibility.
- David Thurmond
I enjoy receiving the emails.
- Sharon
I enjoy reading your articles and updates. It keeps me informed on the activities of my community.
- Janet Barron, Decatur
I enjoy reading Cross Roads and I appreciate your hard work and professionalism.
- Terryln Fulton
I am so impressed with the quality of information in your newspaper. I read ONLY the local newspaper....never AJC or the other bigger newspaper. What concerns me is what is happening in my neck of the woods and you do a fabulous job in covering that aspects!
Keep up the great work!!
- Ellamarie Johnson
Great source of local news!
- Calvin Stevens, Decatur
Great news!!!!
I like getting all of my DeKalb news from Crossroads
Bettye Davis, Decatur
- Debora Bowers, Atlanta
Enjoy reading your paper. Very informative!
- Inga Kennedy, Union City
Dear CrossRoads
I've been impressed with the quality news that you have brought to the community. Thank you for your commitment outstanding journalism.
Love, Peace and Hugs
Alstenia Smith-Sellers, DTM
Dawn-Breakers Toastmasters Club
Beulah Rising Stars Gavel Club
"Where leaders are made."
- Alstenia Smith-Sellers, Atlanta
CrossRoadsNews is my neighborhood paper and I count on it to keep it to keep me informed about issues close to home.
- Ernest Brown
CrossroadsNews is a critical information center for our community. We need to have an annual Supporter Donation of $10 to $20 to show our gratitude for your free paper at a minimum for the people who do not buy a subscription.
We, as a community, must learn to support our local media outlets financially because nothing is free. This will provide the foundation to make sure CrossroadsNews has the basic financial support to keep its doors open plus make a profit.
We need to show our appreciation for the many innovative ways Crossroads Newspaper has educated our community such as the Health and Wellness Expo at Stone Crest Mall.
We need to make sure our local media have a foundation of support to ensure they do not have to depend on advertisement.
10,000 x $10 = $100,000
10,000 x $20 = $200,000
20,000 x $10 = $200,000
20,000 x $20 = $400,000
We can start our campaign with a goal of 5,000 for the first year. This will be a four year goal.
Viola Davis RN BSN
CrossroadsNews Supporter
- Viola Davis, Stone Mountain
CrossRoads News is the BEST !!!
- Renee Ranson
Crossroad has been very informative and enjoyable for me.
I look forward to each edition.
Thank You,
Cassandra Harrison
- Cassandra Harrison, Decatur
Your team is doing a great job, and are model community partners. Thank you for all that you do.
Al Edwards, Managing Director
- Albert Edwards, Atlanta
Very informative local newspaper
- Elayne Hunter, Atlanta
This was a great idea! Keep up the good work!
- Lori Anderson, Decatur
CrossRoadsNews provides awesome coverage of our community.
Thank You Jennifer,
Belinda Pedroso
President, League of Women Voters
- Belinda Pedroso
Thank you for your newpaper. It has been very informative. I would like to hear more from the people in the community, not just the political figures. I would also like to have more information for those 55 and over. We need all of the assistance and information we can so we can enjoy our senior years more fully.
I really appreciate CROSSROADS.
- Shirlene Holmes, Lithonia
Thank you for keeping the community informed. I always look forward to receiving my Crossroads News!
- Chinwe
I love CrossRoads
- Deborah Jemison, Conyers
Greatest newspaper/website in Decatur I love you Guys so much. Thank you for expert service keeping Georgia informed.
Keep up the great work
We love you
- Lady Dee, Decatur
Great information! Very timely!
- Rodney Russell, Lithonia
Crossroads has kept the community updated on what's going on locally and nationally. Thank you for your commitment to serve the community!
I wish your company a prosperous and fruitful 2014 and beyond in the Name of Jesus!
- May Benitez, Stone Mountain
Thanks for the service to the community. You do an outstanding job.
mildred taylor
One of our most valuable community resources!
- Jewel Crawford, Decatur
I'm viewing on a mobile phone and until I got on WiFi it wouldn't let me sign up. Now, it's not taking the email address,which is: Stacy.Lange@ugaalum.uga.edu
- Stacy
I really appreciate the news coming to my computer.
- Deanna
I do enjoy seeing the news and have limited mobility so don't get a chance to just pick it up on the street. Thank you for increasing the technology used to distribute the news to us viewers in a beautiful, timely, reader-friendly manner.
- Sharon Russell, Atlanta
Great Work!
- Constance Carter, Atlanta
Great job...keep it up!
- Maceo Rogers
Great asset to the community! Keep up the great work!
- L Jackson
Good job
- Jackie Johnson, Lithonia
Enjoy Cross Roads
- Kay Wright, Ellenwood
Can't Live Without YOUR News. We don't rely on any other Georgia paper for our News. We only wish the BEST for YOU and the staff.
- Chuck & Jamay Logan, Lithonia