Dr. Judith Barnes' Blog

Why Read The Word

I am living a life in which folks who not quite brave enough, try to tell me that my God-relationship should be relegated to Sundays and perhaps Bible study on Wednesday evenings, but anything more is overdoing It! Since I know that Miracles don't happen only on Sundays, with His help, I pray, read His Word and with His help, live it out, every opportunity I get. I do not apologize for that!

When I read anything, I read for edification and reasons to become a better human being; now if I feel that way when I read just anything, what say when I read The Bible? I have no shame to admit that God's Holy Word is changing me into a better parent, a better sibling to my siblings, a better child to my mom, a better child to God, a better worker! Reading the Word, is also making me more peculiar than I used to be and making me look different from the world-at-large and sometimes that is quite uncomfortable, but that's okay, look Who's company I am in?

If The Word of God wasn't changing me, I would be concerned as to whether or not The Story of the Good News is true or whether or not I have a genuine relationship with Him; but as things stand, The Story is true and my life is an example of the power of the Words of the Bible, especially those written in read.