Dr. Judith Barnes' Blog

Justice Has No Color

I am the mother of a 16 year old black male. I am a Doctor of Christian Counseling and an ordained minister. I love human beings, couldn't care what color they are. But I also love justice and I do not believe that Trayvon Martin has received justice. I do not condone racism from anyone, my son and I live a life in which we share time and heart with people of a variety of cultures and ethnicities and our lives are better for it. But I am also an extremely aware individual and I know that racism is alive and well in this nation and that as a result of its continuing presence in this nation and the world, Trayvon Martin was targeted because of his skin color. I have no doubt about that. I also believe that George Zimmerman has many mental health issues as well as personality defects which led him not only to follow this young man even after he was told by authorities not to do so; it is his decision, which few seem to be addressing, which led to the death of a young man. Whatever past issues of marijuana use and or anything else that Trayvon Martin might have had, it does not and cannot justify his killing and or the many attempts to defame him.

For George Zimmerman to simply walk away from this as if he simply killed a stray animal (for which in this country he would have had to serve serious time); it is appalling that a jury would have come to such a unconscionable decision. I believe the prosecutors erroneously thought that because the jurors were made up of women, they would have had an edge and as such really did not prepare a thorough enough case to vindicate the death of this young man. I personally do not believe that females are anymore humanistic, caring and or compassionate simply because they are females; I have seen and heard of too much chicanery by females to have bought into so a banal idea. There is one female juror in particular who is making the rounds on television shows pandering her tears and supposed emotional upheaval about the outcome of the case; but she has yet to be able to identify Trayvon Martin as a person. During a particular interview with her, she called the name George over and over and when queried by Anderson Cooper as to whether she feels sorry for Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman, she responded, "I feel badly for everyone or all of them." She depersonalized Trayvon Martin and it seems to me, she also had decided before hand what her perceptions of Trayvon Martin and his lifestyle was before she even participated in deliberations. I am not into judging anyone unfairly, but I am a woman of God, a bright and astute, discerning human being and I know what I see and hear and as such, I also see and hear what is not seen. The judicial system in this country has to take a long, painful look at its machinations and make some serious alterations. This particular juror is now going to be writing a book with the hopes of benefitting from the death of a young man whom she did not even take the time to humanize in her mind and certainly not in her heart.

I love God Almighty, I worship and praise Him, He is my Source in every area of my life and He teaches me humility, but believing in Him does not make me weak, meek, but not weak and I strongly abhor hatred against anyone or anything except evil; that being said, I abhor how this case was handled and I demand that there be an inquiry into the jurors and their behaviors while deciding the outcome of this case. For no reparation to be sought and or made, is to suggest that this youth, a black youth and all others whether they are doing good or bad, can be taken out at any time without any fear of accountability, that is heinous and projects evil at its deepest and darkest level. Please know that I pray for George Zimmerman because I believe that his own private and personal issues are going to eventually way him down to the degree that he will not know what to do with his life as he has chosen to make it. No matter how much God forgives His own, we cannot do what we wish and not pay the consequences for our dire actions. I sincerely believe that Zimmerman's head 'wounds' are self-inflicted or inflicted by someone else in his immediate circle. I do not for one moment believe that someone getting their head repeatedly banged against a stone pavement would have such clearly delineated wounds with no evidence of puncturing to any significant degree. And the fact that the legal system allowed him to go free for 44 days before arresting him, where is there any true justice or fairness there? My thoughts here are built on not only my experiences as a therapist having worked in the penal system with male inmates, or my life in general, or even my faith in God and relationship with Him, my thoughts are built on all those elements within my life and the only color consideration that I have in mind, is the red blood that should have been all over George Zimmerman, had he shot Trayvon Martin while Martin was still lying over him. Justice must be served, if a black man had done the same to a white youth, I would be just as outraged! Not dealing with this matter as to its racist tones and the machinations of some evil minded people, including quite a few females, will not make racism go away, it will simply be allowed to simmer at a not too deep level and one, day, one day, no matter who likes it, it will have to be dealt with, but by that juncture, the outcome might be far worst than it need be!

Investigate the jurors, something is smelling, it's rotten and it's not in Denmark!!!