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The real problem in Atlanta isn’t snow, it's history

The way I see it, the snow storm of January 28, 2014 gave many citizens, elected representatives, media personalities and perhaps anyone with an opinion the opportunity to comment on who is responsible for problems impacting the metro Atlanta area during the first snow storm of the year.

Those of us who have experienced bad weather, be it rain, sleet, or snow know the traffic in Atlanta is bad. However, this event is something to be examined by the experts and pundits alike.

This writer would like to offer a view for consideration which many may have considered but were not willing to express. The view to consider is how greed and fear were the major factors leading to the paralyzing of Metro Atlanta on January 28, 2014.

Generally, most logical people when they know danger is waiting will do everything within their ability to avoid the danger. Many of the workers were aware the snow was coming, however, the fear of losing employment or being reprimanded for not going to work was in the forefront of those who went to work. Additionally, children were sent to school that day because many parents had no plan for the children if they were kept home.

The governor of Georgia made one comment which this writer found to be the most sincere comment made during the interviews after the storm hit. Mr. Deal commented “If I had shut the state down and nothing happened, I would have been criticized for all the commerce lost.” Now after the fact Mr. Deal and Mr. Reed will know the real dollar cost.

The greed factor has leaders making decision on what is better for business than what is best to protect the citizen. The failure of leadership by the elected representative and the fear of lost of employment caused everyone to make the wrong choice as it relates to the storm of 2014.

There was conversation about the reports from news outlets were not clear. Some said the businesses were to share the blame for allowing the employees to all leave work at the same time. It was even reported the schools shared the blame for closing schools all at the same time.

What this writer found difficult to believe is how the actions openly considered after the storm will work….anyone driving in the metro-Atlanta traffic know there are more factors impacting the Atlanta roads than those points made by Mr. Reed. One example is the fact that the amount of traffic passing through Atlanta includes tractor trailer as well as other four wheel vehicle is huge.

I have seen the city of Atlanta control the flow of traffic on the surface and interstate roads with efficiency. This week’s weather fiasco lacked planning, execution, and leadership and as a results thousands of commuters were stuck on iced slicked roads with no plan to address the problem 24 hours after it had occurred. And that’s the way I see it.

The real problem in Atlanta isn’t snow; the real problem is history. History steeped in a quite desire of some to lead and not know what leadership is. We have had snow storms in Atlanta before and the leaders continue to fail at taking snow storms and the weather seriously.

Atlanta need the type of mayor who realize the leadership of the office impacts more than 28 counties including the city of Atlanta and any major decision or lack there of impacts the entire metro area.